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Exchange-it is a internet banner exchange. By taking advantage of our free services, we will enable you to generate free advertising for your web site across a large network of web sites.

A banner exchange is a group of web sites that trade advertising with each other. Each web site has an banner advertisement that displays other web sites' banners. By displaying ads on their web site, Exchange-it members generate free advertising for their own banners. Here is an example of a banner (468x60 pixel GIF image);

Exchange-it is the middle man in the process, delivering and rotating banners on your web site with each request. When a banner is clicked on, we process the transaction(called a click-thru), and direct the individual to the respective member web site. What's the catch? In return for our services, we capture 1 out of every two banners displayed on our network, and use the ad space for sponsor advertising. Using a banner exchange is a great way to gain exposure for your web site, your advertising is spread across an array of web sites, maximizing visibility. Exchange-it will always be a free service. Join, cancel anytime.

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