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1. What is Banner Delivery Rate?

2. What is CTP?

3. What are Credits?

4. What are Impressions?

5. What are Page Visits?

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     What is Banner Delivery Rate?
    Banner Delivery Rate found in Member Center controls how many of your banners are displayed a day. For example, let's assume you have 10,000 credits. If you select a Banner Delivery Rate of 1000 impressions/day, then our network will evenly display your banner(s) a maximum of 1000 times every day until all your credits are used up. A hourly feature is also available, however, it is not as reliable.
     What is CTP?
    Click-thru Percent(CTP) is a measure of how well your banners are performing on our network. Example: One of your banners had 200 impressions (displayed on our network 200 times) and 4 click-thrus (4 different people clicked on your banner and were sent to your web page). Your CTP would be 2%. A banner with a 1% CTP is considered acceptable and should not be changed. CTPs of over 3% are extremely good and any banner below 0.5% should be changed.
     What are Credits?
    Advertising credits are generated when you place a banner into your web page or when you generate credit rewards. Each time someone visits your web page(with an Exchange-it banner in it), you receive .5 advertising credits. We automatically use your credits to advertise your banners on our network. For example, if you had 100 page visits, we would give you 50 credits. We would then display your banner 50 times on our network (the 50 ad displays are also called impressions).
     What are Impressions?
    Every time one of your banners are displayed on our network, you register an impression. If you have 100 credits, then you have 100 ad impressions available for your banner(s).
     What are Page Visits?
    The number of visits to your web pages that have an Exchange-it banner.
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