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 Credit Rewards and Referrals

1. What are Credit Rewards?

2. What are referrals?

3. How do I generate more rewards and referrals?

4. I have another web site, can I refer myself?

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     What are Credit Rewards?
    Credit rewards are generated by placing banners into your web pages, or by generating referrals. Each time a banner is clicked on, you generate a 2 credit reward in addition to the .5 credits you received for displaying an Exchange-it banner on your web site. If you refer new members to Exchange-it, you capture 50% of there click-rewards in addition to 2.5% of their impression credits! Exchange-it has an internal auditing system that keeps track of click-thrus, so if you click on the banner more than 1 time you will only receive one 2 credit reward. Banner placement on your web pages has a direct impact on the amount of rewards and referrals you could receive. Exchange-it banners placed in a frequently visited portion of your webpage (top is best, or above other ad banners) will generate more rewards.
     What are Referrals?
    You can generate referrals when you send new members to Exchange-it. In order to generate referrals you need to have an Exchange-it banner with an Exchange-it logo, or a have placed a referral button on your web page. When someone clicks on the button or banner logo (from your website), we will track the click-thru, and if they decide to join, we will give you 50% of their click rewards, and 2.5% of their impression credits. You can get buttons and banners in Member Center.
     How do I generate more rewards and referrals?
    Banner placement the key ingredient for maximizing referral and reward generation.
     I have another website, can I refer myself?
    Yes. If you have another website, you can create a another account, and a referral. However, you cannot create more than one account per website. If you have any special requests or questions, please email us.
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